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Effective July 12th 2024, the responsibility for handling background clearances will be transitioning from Jefferson-Lewis BOCES to OCM BOCES.

A simple online consent form which authorizes OCM BOCES to conduct the necessary background clearance procedures that Jefferson-Lewis had been previously doing is required from every official as a qualification to officiate in the 2024 season. There is no need to be re-fingerprinted. 

Please use this link and fill out the form as soon as possible.

Section III Athletics - Background Clearance Consent Conversion Form


Learn about being a
High School Football Official

July 17 & 18, 2024

Dear Prospective Football Official


You have likely come to this site because you have some interest or are just curious about officiating Section III football.


Perhaps you could use the extra income, need some exercise, want to be part of a team or just "love the game" and want to be involved in helping the youth in our Central New York community.


Whatever the motivation,  if you are passionate about the game, we welcome you to join the Syracuse Chapter of New York State Certified Football Officials (NYSACFO).

President's Corner

    Welcome back to “normal” football. We hope. As the 2024 season comes closer, let’s all of us work hard to give the high school players the best officiated games that we can. As we all know, it isn’t always easy to do that. Between family, work, and other events in our daily lives, it can sometimes be stressful to show up on a Friday night, Sat. morning, or any time for sub-varsity games and just suddenly become football officials. But that’s what we do.

    We come from different backgrounds, races, religions, careers, and family lives. But when we put on the stripes, we come together as a team and walk out onto the field with confidence and integrity.  

    Remember, we are the only people on the field who don’t care who wins. We care that the game gets played fairly and the team that plays the best, wins. We get yelled at by the coaches and booed by the fans. But when we walk out after the game, only we know how well we did.

    Let’s work hard this season, be the best officials we can be, and walk off the field with satisfaction and eagerness for the next contest.


Good Luck this year.

Tim McMahon


Syracuse Chapter NYSCFO

Chairmans Corner

The Membership Committee will be holding  "potential Candidate" meet and train sessions July 17th & 18th.  We are down about 7 experienced officials from our 2023 roster, so the chapter needs you to recruit friends, relatives, former teammates, etc.  Please keep us informed as you find potential officials.   Contact me or Nick Lore if you know of anyone interested.

Paul Blasi


Membership Committee

Syracuse Chapter NYSCFO

COME JOIN US, watch the NFHS video
Over one million students play the game every year. This video discusses the life skills gained through football and the role that high school football plays in communities around the country. Health and safety is at the forefront of conversations around football and this video explains the improvements that the NFHS believes have made the high school football experience safer than ever before.

Congratulations to the following officials who achieved Active status for the Fall 2024 season. Great job!

Scott Bielicki - Wes Butler

Denny Green - Jack LePorte

James Zappola

From Candidate to Associate

Brendon Evans - Mike Gratien

Jeff Kohanski - Justin McKain

Brett Van Buren

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Syracuse Chapter of New York State Certified Football Officials
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